55 years of Ayrton Senna

Celebration in the Motor Sports World: 55 years ago, Ayrton Senna was born

March 21st is a special day in Brazilian history and international Motor Sports. On that date, in 1960, one of the biggest idols ever in motor racing was born in São Paulo: Ayrton Senna da Silva.

From the first championships he won in go-kart Racing to 1994, the driver showed he was a remarkable man – not only because of his achievements on the track, but also because of his attitude out of it. That’s why the date in which we celebrate 55 years of his birth is being marked by several homages all around the world.

The Ayrton Senna official website has made a photo gallery with articles published in newspapers so fans can relive how the driver’s birthday was celebrated.

The new content also includes the prefaces written by Ayrton Senna himself for the F1 Yearbook published by Francisco Santos at the end of each season.

F1 Year Book 1988
F1 Year Book 1990
F1 Year Book 1991

The official website has also picked 5 special moments of Ayrton Senna’s career marked by the number 55.

55 points: Senna’s final score at the end of the 1986 season, his third in Formula One.
55 pole positions: He hit this mark at Imola, during the 1991 season, when he also won his third world title.
55 laps: how many laps he took before the crucial pit-stop in Adelaide, 1993, that ensured Senna’s victory.
55 seconds: the exact difference between Ayrton and Prost at the 1985 Belgium Grand Prix, placing our champion was at the top of the podium.
55 results: he finished 23 times in second place, 16 in third, 7 in fourth, 6 in fifth and 3 in sixth (plus 41 wins) during his Formula 1 career.

Take a look at the gallery. (this content is only available in Portuguese)

O Globo - 1993
O Globo - 1993
Folha da Tarde - SP - 1992
Zero Hora - RS - 1991
Jornal dos Sports – RJ – 1991
Hoje em Dia – BH – 1990
Jornal de Brasília – DF – 1990
Correio da Bahia – Salvador – 1990
Notícias Populares – 1989
O Dia – RJ – 1988
Notícias Populares – 1987
Folha da Tarde – SP – 1985
O Globo – 1985
O Globo – 1984
Diário da Tarde – BH – 1984