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Ayrton Senna collected impressive wins and records throughout his career, and his desire to be number one inspires many people all over the world.

Perseverance, tenacity and determination were some of the values held by the three-time F1 champion and that were always seen as essential in his character to reach the top.

Gradually, those values were passed on from one generation to another. This year, when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of his legacy, we invite his fans to join the #MyAyrton campaign, in order to show how Senna’s values still have an impact on everyone.

Neyde Senna, the driver’s mother, remembers her Ayrton like this, “Very sweet with people. He used to bring me flowers. He was restless, but polite at the same time. He couldn’t sit still. He was always fiddling with something and fought hard to get what he wanted”.

What about you? Who is your Ayrton?

Post your tribute on social media with the #MyAyrton hashtag, and it can appear on a big mural!

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Step 1

Post your tribute on social media with #MyAyrton. It can be a picture, a video, a memory, a tattoo, artwork…

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Your homage may appear on a big mural here, on our champion’s official website.

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